3 Social Media Marketing Trends Already Dominating in 2022

The year 2022 might still be young, but industry experts have already seeing a handful of marketing techniques separate themselves from the pack. New technology has led to capabilities that help users form connections with products that they have not yet purchased. Needless to say, when you can actually see how that new hoodie looks on your own body, it becomes much more challenging to abandon your cart before purchasing.

Other strategies focus on this same idea of personalization. If there’s any doubt left that social media can provide the most uniquely individualized advertisements, this article will remove that hesitation. Read on for further explanation:


1. AR and VR Have Become Increasingly-Integrated Into Advertising

Most individuals who spend what would be considered an ‘average’ amount of time on the internet are well-aware of Facebook – sorry, Meta’s – plan to be the pioneer of the ‘Metaverse.’ Zuckerberg has predicted in no uncertain terms that this virtual universe will become mainstream within the current decade.

While few can put their finger on exactly what it entails, the working explanation at the current time is that people will soon be able to purchase property, possessions, even things like food and pets, which will be exclusively in the online space known as the metaverse. Of course, advertisers have taken note and are working to incorporate this blurring of lines into their own strategies.

For example, several cutting-edge marketing and tech departments have found ways to allow someone to try on clothing virtually. Simply upload and image of yourself, choose your new outfit, and see how good you look. Another industry that is finding a great deal of success with this new technology is furniture and home design. Upload a new couch or end table and open your phone’s video camera to see how it will look in your apartment. Think it’s a fit? Two more clicks and it’ll be on the way (with the supply chain as it is now, get ready to wait several months…but that’s another story).

Anyone who has come across this type of ad while browsing a social media account knows that once you get a taste of what it might be like to own that shirt, chair, etc. it’s hard to resist following through on the purchases. And that’s why AR and VR is such an effective tool in the advertising space.

2. Leveraging “Real” People As Brand Ambassadors

The concept of using influencers as a social media marketing tool is not new. After having some time to evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy, it’s clear that it’s a method which is only going to grow in the coming years.

The philosophy behind this type of marketing is simple to understand: people want things that popular people like using. If you’re a consumer looking to begin an exercise regimen and come across someone with a six-pack discussing the benefits of a certain nutritional supplement, it’s going to look much more appealing than seeing a model holding it up in perfect lighting as you would with a traditional ad.

So if influencer marketing has been taking off for years, why is it on this list of trends for 2022? The answer is simply that this same concept is expanding to a range of new types of campaigns – specifically the recruitment of new employees.

In today’s market, companies are frantically trying to fill open positions. Individuals who are looking for a job or to change careers have something that might seem unfamiliar based on past experiences: choice! Because of this, employers are actually having to market their companies in a way that is more appealing than simply saying “you need a job, we have an opening, apply today.”

Businesses of all sizes – but especially major corporations – are making influencers out of their employees. Testimonials raving about company culture, benefits, and day-to-day fun are showing up across social media, most notably TikTok. And to nobody’s surprise, it’s working.

3. Personalized Marketing and Micro-Targeting

As marketers have become more adept at setting up and executing multiple campaigns, the door has been opened to wide-scale, highly-personalized campaigns based on a consumer’s interests and past browsing history. Obviously remarketing (showing an ad to someone who recently visited a brand’s website) is standard, but now advertisers are going to the next level in order to give as many ‘groups’ as possible a personalized experience.

In 2022, expect to see more ads featuring language, images, and styles that resonate with you at a level that almost feels invasive. “But if it feels invasive, won’t that ultimately make the ad strategy less effective because people will be turned off by the level of individualization?” In short, the answer is no. Data has suggested that personalization can result in a 10-20% more efficiency, and this number jumps to 30% when looking at revenue and retention.

One fantastic case study that should be looked at is clothing and lifestyle company GAP. In Q3 of 2021, they went all-in on personalized marketing.  The results? A nearly 60% increase in net e-commerce sales. Based on these numbers, it’s clear that this approach can have massive benefits if you’re looking to boost online sales.

Of course this type of advertising comes with its own set of ethical considerations, but most advertisers would agree that at the end of the day, you’re still just an IP address that’s mostly anonymous. If a user truly feels like his or her privacy is being infringed upon, there are ways to opt out.


Wrapping Up

The constant evolution in social media advertising makes keeping up with the latest optimizations extremely challenging. With that being said, if your business is able to be one of the early-adopters of new marketing techniques, the results can make all that extra work more than worth it when you look at your marketing ROI.

If you’re finding that you don’t have the time to dedicate to this endeavor, there are a number of options available that can help you get some skin in the game without doing all the work yourself. To get solutions that work for your brand and budget, get in touch today for a consultation.