Social Media Strategy for Small Business Owners

You probably understand the importance and value of having a social media presence when
starting a company, but just like starting a business you want to make sure that you have a
plan! A social media strategy is a great way to outline your goals, evaluate the market
landscape, create a brand tone and voice and determine your social media goals. However, all
of that can definitely seem overwhelming at first so we’re here to help!

1. Determine Your Goals
First, you want to spend some time thinking about what the goal of your social media pages.
This can and should be different for different channels and this can also evaluate over time.
Are you trying to drive awareness for your company? Are you trying to drive sales? By
determining your primary and secondary goals up front you can ensure that your content and
your ad objectives are all aligning to this vision.

2. Evaluate Your Market Competition
It’s time to scope your competitors and pages that you admire. Spend some time looking at
pages that are in a similar industry and have a similar audience size as your own. This is a great
way to learn what not to do and also grab inspiration for what you want to do on your own
pages. It’s important to look at a couple of pages and note what really stands out to you.

3. Create a brand tone and voice
Now we’re getting into the weeds of it. Spend time writing out those high-level words that will
drive all of your social copy. What do you want your messaging to convey? How do you want
people to feel? Furthermore, how do you want people to perceive your brand? This will drive
all of your content moving forward.

4. Determine Your Social Media Goals
It’s always good to determine your goals upfront, but it’s also important to be realistic. Review
those competitor websites again and look at how they’re doing. Create goals that are realistic
and don’t be afraid to adjust if you’re not meeting them. Each brand is different, but there’s
always room for growth.

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