5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Creating a Social Media Strategy

You know social media is important, but you may not know where to start. These five questions will help you determine the first steps in your strategy.

1. Who is your audience? Determining your audience right away will help determine which social networks make the most sense. If you’re working in a B2B space, it may make the most sense to focus your efforts on LinkedIn.

2. What is the goal of social media for your brand? Do you want to drive traffic to your site? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Determining your goal will help you determine what type of content you should be posting.

3. How much time do you have to devote to social media? Managing multiple social media accounts does take a lot of time and potentially effort. This question will help determine the cadence you need to post along with if it makes sense for you to work with an agency (like Brick Sollid Brands) to post and monitor on your behalf.

4. How will you measure success? This may seem like it’s the same question as your goal, however, this is actually more fluid. Measuring successes can be done on a month over month basis or even a week by week basis. If you get a post that has great engagement celebrate it as a small success!

5. What type of budget do you have for advertising? If you’re starting a new page a couple of dollars can make a huge difference. There is a lot of competition on social sites now and unfortunately for new brands to get noticed it may take some money upfront. However, this is something we can definitely discuss with you!

What questions would you add or take away from this list? Contact us today to discuss how we can start a social media strategy together.