5 Ways Marketers Can Reach Older Demographics

Advertising efforts are regularly focused on younger individuals. Think of the last 10 commercials you saw on TV on a streaming service (okay, it might be hard to recall 10, but you get the concept), how many of those featured actors or actresses within the 18-45 range, trying to sell a product to someone in that same bracket. If you took the time to examine it, the results would show nearly 85% of ads are concerned with reaching these individuals.

The older generation often gets overlooked, with some marketers mistakenly holding the belief that they’re set in the purchasing ways, and aren’t willing to make room for new brands. Perhaps it’s time to rethink that philosophy and reach the ‘social security’ generation. In this article, I’ll explain a few ways to do it:


1. Invest in Facebook

It’s not exactly breaking news to say that in terms of social media user demographics, Facebook is your best bet for reaching the older crowd. Yes, the data backs up long-held belief that everyone and their mother (and in many cases their grandmother, too) is on the platform.

Upon retirement, it seems there’s simply more time in the day for browsing the web and catching up with friends and relatives. At least that’s what we’re led to believe based on the overall time spent on Facebook, as well as the engagement rate. That’s right – the engagement rights of older demographics tend to rival, or exceed, those of younger users. If you’re trying to drive traffic from audiences over the age of 60, you’re not going to find a more efficient way to do it than Facebook ads.

2. Email Marketing

Seniors have not yet caught up with the latest TikTok trends, but you know what they have become more-than-competent at using? Email.

Email marketing has seen a notable resurgence in recent years as advertisers recognized (finally and again) that putting a message directly in a user’s inbox means there’s a higher chance of getting the recipient to take the desired action. It takes what would otherwise be a passive experience on social media, for example, and requires that the user do something – even if that something is just deleting it. Hey, at least they saw it!

One important success factor to consider utilizing an email marketing strategy targeted to seniors is the length of content. Keep your copy as short as possible without neglecting important information. Use larger fonts, and more clear and obvious calls-to-action. Come to think of it, this is good advice regardless of the demographic you’re targeting.

3. Focus on Brand Loyalty If They’re Already a Customer

In today’s marketplace, businesses typically have a healthy email list of their customers. Any time a product is purchased online, an email address must be entered, and should be repurposed down the road.

The stereotype of the ‘brand loyal’ (which we often translate to ‘brand stubborn’) senior has some merit to it. Numerous studies have revealed that the older and more affluent someone is, the more likely they are to continue purchasing their products from brands they know and trust. If you happen to fall into this category, take full advantage by keeping them in mind when strategizing your next big marketing campaign.

Advertisers regularly try to reach new audiences and convert them to customers. This isn’t going away, but the question should be asked: Is this the best use of our budget? You already have a list of people who you know have some level of familiarity with your brand, and in terms of their future purchasing decisions, the best indicator is their past purchasing choices.

4. Align Creative to Fit Generational Values

It’s easy to develop creative for an ad campaign that will be shown to someone in your age range. You know what you want to see. Even if you can’t necessarily relate when executing a campaign geared toward older audiences, that’s no excuse for not trying to craft your message in a way that connects with your target demographic.

At the risk of sounding cliché and relying on stereotypes, you simply can’t ignore that older audiences have different values. For one, the tried-and-true tactic of “keeping up with the Joneses” that is seen throughout the advertising world isn’t going to work as effectively on elderly consumers. The rat race just isn’t a priority anymore.

Build your creative with a sense of sentimentality that might normally feel mawkish in campaign intended for a younger audience. If you’re really having a hard time coming up with ideas, ask yourself what your own grandparents (or other older folks in your life) would like to see.  Focus on the utility of your products more than the flash and sizzle, and whenever possible incorporate hard work and family values. Again, that’s a stereotype to be sure, but it exists for a reason.

5. Don’t Forget YouTube

Believe it or not, seniors are spending plenty of time watching videos on YouTube like the rest of us. Recent reports have stated that 68% of boomers watch YouTube videos on a regular basis for entertainment. A well-placed YouTube mid-roll or pre-roll ad could yield positive results in terms of both traffic and brand awareness. An added benefit of marketing to seniors on YouTube is that the demographic isn’t heavily targeted on the platform, generally speaking. That means you can reach more people, and drive more traffic, for less money.

Finally, YouTube marketing to Boomers is effective because it gives advertisers the opportunity to explain things visually. If you have a product that might not exactly translate well to a static ad, YouTube is the place to give a brief demonstration that makes the ad recipient feel like they fully understand what you’re selling.


Wrapping Up

You’ve got your plan in mind, but just aren’t sure how to execute it effectively. That’s where we come in. From websites to social media campaigns, branding, graphic design, and more, we’re able to accommodate customized requests that drive real business results.

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