7 Graphic Design Trends You Can Expect to See in 2023

Graphic designers are always looking to innovate. This emphasis on creativity and experimentation means that trends come and go quickly and often. Whether you’re evaluating the current industry standards of graphic design, clothing design, or interior design, “keeping up” means looking ahead to find what’s popular before everyone else starts doing it.

Digital creativity is currently experiencing a golden age, the likes of which can only be rivaled by the original internet boom in the early 2000’s. With infinitely more tools at their disposal, graphic designers are taking their work to a new level. This article will cover the 9 graphic design trends we’re expecting to see take off in 2023.

Vintage Made Minimal

Think of mid-century modern interior design, and apply the same nostalgic (but clean) approach to graphic design. The cyclical nature of all things under the “design” umbrella is on full display as brands are turning to styling that could be described as retro or vintage. Though it’s stylistically reminiscent of  the 1940s and 50s, designers are also including sleek lines to keep things in line with minimalism trend that has dominated the past few years.


Research has shown that consumers are almost 92% more likely to take notice of an ad when it includes a human face. Although photography and graphic design are different skillsets, this data means neither can afford to ignore the impact of the other. PayPal was ahead of the curve in incorporating photos of real people into its standard branding imagery stack. Illustrators – there’s no need to fear that your work will be less relevant as marketers turn to photography. On the contrary, designers who are able to effectively blend their creative illustration talents with existing photographs will steal the show in 2023.

Distorted Type

Design can – and should – be inherently quirky from time to time. Traditional fonts and styles are now getting stretched and pulled in different directions to create a unique, eye-catching aesthetic. At first glance, it may not be crystal clear exactly what the words or sentences say, and that’s the point. Audiences will be encouraged to take a second look, and likely a closer look, to make sense of the twisted, knotted, or melted text is saying. It goes without saying that this added attention only serves to increase recall, which is the end game in advertising.

Liquid Gradients

Blending colors and creating visuals that resemble molten liquid is nothing new, but brands are putting a new spin on the trend. Imagine white lettering dipped in paint to create a gradient effect, and add a dash of futuristic style on top. The final product is a brand logo or font that looks like a work of art that could stand alone in a modern gallery. The best part? In a sea of brands still using boring typography, this design instantly draws the attention of potential consumers.

Metaverse-Inspired Futuristic Styles

Designers who specialize in 3D animation and typography are about to have a moment in 2023. As the world shifts further away from the physical realm and drifts toward the virtual space, creativity is free to move into the new dimension. Dark moods are being used as backgrounds contrasted with striking blues, pinks, and purples that make text and images pop off the screen. Think of videogame themes mixed with virtual reality and modern sophistication, and you’ll have an idea of what this concept is all about.

Sci-Fi Themes

Self-driving cars? Check. Virtual reality? Check. Based on the criteria you’d use to make the determination, it can feel like the science fiction of decades past has come to life. Graphic designers are embracing it by utilizing futuristic, “techy,” typography and imagery in their work. Imagine robots coming to life, and then finding their home in a virtual environment. It’s not just technology companies who have implemented this design trend – it’s showing up in all brands that want to claim their place on their industry’s cutting-edge.

Condensed Type

Designers have always had to come up with creative solutions in order to fit relevant information and verbiage into a small amount of space. Sometimes the layout can be reordered, but other times the most effective way to do it is by utilizing condensed and compacted typography. Make no mistake, it may be called “condensed,” but this style makes a big impact by drawing the eyes directly to the text. Check out a few examples here.

Wrapping Up 

Hiring a full-time graphic designer isn’t necessary for the majority of smaller, local brands and businesses. We specialize in offering affordable creative services that help increase your brand’s recognizability in both the digital and physical environment.

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