Keyword Best Practices

When setting up a Google Adwords campaign knowing the right keywords is literally the key to success. However, sometimes setting up the right Google keywords for your business can be difficult. Typically when creating a keyword list we like to keep these three things in mind.

Choose high quality, but relevant keywords. The chrome extension, keywordseverywhere will estimate monthly search volumes, predicted CPC, any related keywords and other terms that people are searching for. When creating your keyword list, we recommend installing this and viewing similar keywords to the ones that initially come to mind.

Include 2-3 words per keywords. Typically, when performing a google search, users are staying within this ratio, so you want to do the same.

Mirror the structure of your website. This one should seem obvious, but make sure you’re including keywords that are found on your site. You do not want to send someone to a page in which they’re not finding relevant information. Furthermore, by replicating your site the quality score may be improved.

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