How to optimize your Facebook Ads

If you plan to increase your Facebook spend in 2019 it is essential that you understand all of the
capabilities. First ask yourself, what is the goal of my campaign? Depending on your answer
you can optimize the campaign to help achieve that goal. Let’s review some of the most
common goals in Facebook advertising.

Goal: Drive Awareness
Campaign Objective: Brand Awareness campaign

A brand awareness campaign will show your ad to people who are the most likely to remember
your brand and ad. You’ll drive a high number of impressions to the right audience.

Goal: Drive people to your website
Campaign Objective: Traffic

Drive people to your website by running an ad optimized for website clicks. Ensure that your ad
is showcasing your products and services while including a CTA encouraging people to learn
more about your website.

Goal: You want people to purchase a product
Campaign Objective: Conversions

In order to optimize for conversions, you’ll need to install a Facebook Pixel on your website. If
you want people to purchase a product or sign up for your newsletter it’s possible! After the pixel
is installed you’ll need to wait some time to collect customer data. Once the pixel fires at least
500 times you’ll be able to start optimizations.

If you’re thinking about running Facebook campaigns, we can help. Our team of experts can
align your brand objectives with Facebook ad objectives. Contact us today to learn more.