How we’re Helping Brands Survive the Coronavirus Quarantine

By now the coronavirus pandemic has most likely had a significant impact on your day-to-day life. For business owners and their employees, the quarantine measures that nearly all U.S. cities are taking has been very difficult to cope with financially.

Our mission is to be more than just the typical agency for our clients. When unexpected (I mean, really unexpected) circumstances arise, we’re here to explore all potential opportunities to help keep sales coming in.

Here’s how we’re making it happen for West Side Brewing:


1.      Taking the Taproom Online

Before the Covid-19 pandemic began removing patrons from gather spaces, West Side Brewing didn’t have an online ordering platform in place. As a brewery, that’s understandable.

This “new normal” meant that we had to build a functional online system that allowed WSB to continue selling their products without the typical face-to-face transaction. In a matter of days, we completed this goal:

2.      Implement New Strategy

Now that the online platform was set up, the next step was getting the word out there to the right audience. At a time when sales are understandably slowing down, being efficient with a marketing budget was of the utmost importance.

Another component of the new digital strategy was to open up as many possible offerings as we could. This included advertising for a delivery campaign, promote gift card purchases, and contacting the more than 5,000 people in the database via email.

3.      Plan for Now and the Future

It might be hard to imagine at the current time, but eventually things will go back to normal. We wanted to create a strategy that wasn’t only based on sales now, but also in the future.

We created targeted ads for a gift card campaign, generated a total of $685 in revenue within the first two weeks of going live. The best part? Less than $30 in advertising budget was used to achieve those results.

beer deliver sytem

No touch beer delivery for west side brewing

4.      Adapt to the Times

During a time when contact between people is being reduced to historically low levels, we wanted to give customers peace of mind knowing that they were safe when purchasing from West Side Brewing.

What better way to do that then by creating a “No-Touch Delivery” system? In order to maximize the potential of this unique offering, we created Facebook events that showed when each part of town could sign up to receive their delivery of some much-needed craft beer.

See dates and locations here:

To add to the overall awareness, we used Facebook’s advertising platform to target audiences in each specific location so they’d know exactly when they could get their delivery.


deliv system

Delivery areas by day

Why it Matters

Nearly all businesses are hurting due to the restriction of public access. There are two ways to handle it: hide away and try to minimize losses until things return to normal, or push forward with creativity and adaptation.

Business owners have plenty on their plate with payroll, inventory, etc. Our job is to make sure we’re providing the most effective advertising strategies to keep things running while adjusting to life in the foreseeable future.

If your business is struggling from the lack of an effective online strategy during this unprecedented time, get in touch today to discuss a plan that works for your situation.