Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page in Four Easy Steps

LinkedIn is often overlooked as an important opportunity within social media marketing, however, it’s a great place to establish your company position as thought leaders. Make sure that your company page is updated and optimized with these four easy steps.

1. Make sure your information is up to date
You want to make sure that your information is searchable and that means your website URL, phone number, and other information is all up to date and accurate.

2. Add specialties
Communicate your company’s strengths in a digestible manner in the overview section. The specialties that you name are searchable allowing LinkedIn to send direct traffic to your page when you’re using the right terms.

3. Update your headline
When people go to your LinkedIn page you want them to understand immediately what your company does. Communicate your brand message in 120 characters in your LinkedIn profile headline.

4. Join communities
Recently, LinkedIn has given you the opportunity to select three communities to follow through relevant hashtags. Join a conversation that’s relevant to your industry and showcase your brand’s value.

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