Should You Hire Digital Marketing Help? 3 Questions to Ask

To hire an agency, or keep things in house? This is a question that businesses of all sizes are asking when it comes to their digital marketing strategy.

Gone are the days where digital advertising was considered a luxury that was reserved only for those with big marketing budgets. With new avenues becoming accessible to everyone with a few dollars and a message to promote, there’s simply no excuse for overlooking the benefits digital advertising has to offer. I’ll explain the questions you should be asking when debating whether or not to bring on outside help to assist in your efforts.

1. Do we have staff with the skills to run a digital marketing campaign?

To state the obvious, if you have someone at your company who knows how to set up and execute campaigns, you aren’t going to need the help of an agency. However, it should be noted that effectively managing digital campaigns is a full-time job. If you’re investing in digital you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. It’s rare to get the most out of your budget if someone is handling other duties at your business along with digital.

It should be noted that just knowing how to launch a campaign on Facebook or Google isn’t enough. Without the proper tracking systems in place (the Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager especially), you aren’t going to be able to get the insights you need that help steer your strategy in the right direction. One of the primary advantages digital marketing boasts is the ability to measure performance in an unparalleled way when compared to traditional media. These insights are critical for making adjustments which help you get the most out of your ad budget.

The skills required to manage a holistic digital campaign are enough to qualify as a full-time job. If you aren’t able to have an employee (or a couple employees with specialized skills) whose sole responsibility is digital advertising, it’s best to bring in outside help to work on your behalf.

2. Can I afford outside help with my marketing budget?

Yes, bringing in outside help is going to have a cost attached. Depending on which company you choose and what packages you purchase, you could easily be looking at somewhat sizable financial commitment. With that in mind, it’s important to ask yourself whether or not your company has the budget to bring an agency on board.

It can be intimidating to sign a contract that amounts to $1,000+ on a monthly basis, but there are a number of good arguments that would suggest this is a good use of your cash. First and foremost, just about all businesses are looking to grow, and digital marketing has proven time and time again to be the quickest and most cost-efficient way to expand a company’s footprint among its intended audience.

Let’s just say it like it is: newspaper advertising is dead, and radio advertising may reach a high number of people in your intended market but there’s almost no way to measure its impact on your bottom line. Small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the budget for mainstream TV advertising, so what else is left besides digital?

The fact that you can target exactly the type of person who would be most interested in your company’s services, and measure whether or not that group of people is taking action after seeing your ad, emphasizes the point that digital has limitless potential. Growth requires investment,, and it’s entirely reasonable to say that your dollars will go further when allocated toward a digital marketing plan compared to any other area of your business.

Finally, on the issue of cost, the good news is that digital advertising provides the most measurable insights. If your ads aren’t working, you’ll know. Success or not, calculating ROI is much more straightforward than any other marketing product, and if you have a team of experts at your disposal, you should have no problem generating a sizable return.

3. Are others in my industry getting ahead due to digital marketing?

From lawyers to local food joints, businesses in all industries have begun to embrace digital advertising as a way to drive revenue and gain more awareness in the communities of their choosing. There’s just no other way to put it – if you aren’t keeping up with your competitors (or getting ahead), you risk losing customers to the businesses who are staying “top of mind” as a result of their digital ad strategy.

Maintaining an active Facebook page with contest posted regularly, paid Google ads that put you at the top of search results, and most importantly, a highly-functional website, are all necessities in today’s marketplace. More commerce is taking place online than ever before (and it’s only trending upward) and customers are making their purchasing decisions based on which brands they see populating their social media feeds and search engine results.

Executing an ad campaign that gets real results requires a full set of professional skills that can’t be learned overnight. The ever-changing landscape of the internet’s most popular platforms means that keeping up with the latest best practices requires a good deal of time and experience, and not every business has someone on staff who can dedicate the required amount of time to staying on top of it all. The good news? Help is available through the growing number of agencies and independent marketers who have what it takes to put your company’s name in front of the right audience.


Wrapping Up

If you’re still debating whether or not it’s worth your time (and money, of course) to hire a team of digital marketing experts to grow your brand’s reach, remember that this type of advertising is no longer a luxury. Businesses who don’t hire outside help must learn how to execute digital campaigns internally, which can also take quite a bit of time and money.

Curious about what a partnership with a digital marketing expert could do for your company? Get in touch today to see how we can help your brand thrive.