Social Media Campaigns We Love and Lessons You Can Learn

As a social media marketer, you should constantly be analyzing other members of the
community to see what others are doing. We’re constantly finding inspiration from other social
media campaigns in addition to learning about what not to do in some cases.

Here are three of our favorite social media campaigns and how you can incorporate it into your
next strategy.

1.) Egoo: Stranger Things Season 2
What is it: Eggo and Stranger Things partnered up and ran a campaign where they interacted
with Twitter audiences talking about Eggos and Stranger Things.
How you can do it: Find something your audience loves and draw a connection. Monitor for
keywords on social media threads and start a conversation.

2.) Charmin: Sit or Squat App
What is it: Charmin created an app that analyzed the cleanliness of bathrooms. Users could
look at the app and determine if they should sit or squat.
How you can do it: Find a problem that members of your community face and create a solution
centralized around your brand. Utilize social media to communicate with audience members and
share your solution.

3.) Apple: #ShotOnIPhone
What is it: Apple created a campaign encouraging users to use the hashtag ShotOnIPhone.
They would then use those images on social media and in other marketing efforts.
How you can do it: Showcasing user-generated images around your product is likely to
increase the buzz. Find a fun, new way to encourage users to take images and show them off on
your social media channels.


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