6 TikTok Advertising Tips to Help You Get Started

If you’ve come here to learn which dance moves are popular on Gen-Z’s favorite social media platform, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. If you’re a business owner trying to understand how to turn one of 2020’s biggest winners into a revenue-driving machine, however, stick around.

TikTok captured the hearts, minds, and most notably, attention, of millions of individuals with its quick-hitting content and big-name stars. Today, if you’re looking to reach the 16-24 demographic, it’s necessary to include TikTok as part of your overall digital strategy.

In this article, I’ll go over what you need to know to start advertising on TikTok.


1. Keep it Vertical

It’s interesting to consider how technology has changed the way we think about video production. For those who grew up at a time where the only ways to consume video content were through a TV or a laptop, the proper video orientation will always feel horizontal. When it comes to TikTok, however, it’s all vertical.

It’s critical to keep the idea of “vertical video” in mind when designing your ad creative to be used on the platform. As a marketer you’re probably already familiar with designing content specific to the app it’s going to be used on, but unlike that Instagram or Facebook video that can be re-formatted to fit other platforms, TikTok ads need to be designed for TikTok exclusively to get the best results.

Due to the fact that many advertisers won’t have a ton of prior experience with TikTok as a user, following all the recommended creative guidelines is paramount to a campaign’s success.


2. Background Music

Don’t forget that TikTok was originally branded as Musical.ly, and had initially intended to make the song the star of the show. Though most people now consider the app to be a music/video hybrid, advertisers can forget how important it is to have the right audio component to your ad. A catchy song can be the initial draw that makes a user want to stick around and see what your video is really all about.

TikTok, unlike many of its competitors, has the sound automatically set to “on” when users interact with the app. Don’t overlook the impact that the right audio choice can have on the overall success of your campaign. Don’t be afraid to go with something unique that will stand out from other advertisers.


3. Stay on Trend

Driving TikTok engagement is all about hopping on board with the latest trend. The tricky thing about keeping up is that these trends can change on an daily – if not hourly – basis. For content creators who need to go through design, approval, payment, etc., this pace can quickly start to feel overwhelming.

The good news? Plenty of online resources are dedicated to helping you stay up to speed on what’s hot in the TikTok community. If you’re able to create marketing content that fits in seamlessly with whatever else is relevant on the platform at that particular time, you’ll get results.


4. Make It Look Real

Nobody loves seeing a bunch of ads in their newsfeed, regardless of the platform. With this in mind, for years brands have tried to create content that feels native to the platform on which it’s being shown.

TikTok, perhaps more than any other social media app, rewards marketers who can create branded content that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The only way to pull this off is to spend some time in the platform as a user. Don’t worry, you can chalk it up as a “work related” activity.


5.  Keep It Concise

By now you’ve probably heard that attention spans are shortening, especially in regard to younger people. With that in mind, the best TikTok content, marketing or otherwise, is video that grabs a user’s attention quickly and doesn’t take long to make a point.

The videos that receive the most engagement on TikTok are typically around the 15-second mark, but you can find examples of success throughout the range of 10-25 seconds. The general rule-0f-thumb should be to keep your content as short as possible without sacrificing your message or any necessary information.


6. Partner With an Influencer

By now you’re probably aware of the mind-boggling amount of money the top TikTok personalities are raking in due to their work as brand influencers. Social media influencing might well be considered the biggest new industry that we’ve seen pop up over the past five years. It makes sense, too.

Popular social media accounts have amassed huge amounts of followers, most of which you would call “fans” who look at the internet star in a positive light. Much like athletes or actors functioning as “spokespeople” for the big brand-name products, social media influencers have now adopted a similar a role.

The difference between social media influencers of today and product spokespeople of the past is that nearly every business can afford some type of influencer component to their strategy. Even if you can’t afford to enlist the services of users with millions and millions of followers (the top accounts have nearly 100 million), you can find someone who is somewhat prominent in your particular area or with your target demographic. For example, a local gym might work on developing a partnership with mid-level TikTok personality who specializes in “fitness” content primarily.

Regardless of your category or budget, there’s an influencer out there who’s ready to partner up. This list of more than 125,000 influencers can help you find the one you need.


Wrapping Up

For those who embrace its full potential, TikTok can be a cost-efficient way to reach younger audiences who might not be as active on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The platform is still relatively new in terms of being an advertising priority, which means brands who hop on board now will have the advantage of being there first, while also building experience and learning what works.

If your brand needs assistance in putting together a holistic digital marketing strategy that makes the most of your ad budget, get in touch today.