Tools You Should Be Using as a Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, you are handling a lot on a daily basis. From budgets to creative, to
monitoring, to actually getting a post up can be fairly overwhelming. We’re a big fan of these 5 digital marketing tools to help out!

1. Google Analytics
ROI is so important when it comes to digital marketing. In order to effectively measure the
success of a campaign installing Google Analytics on your account is essential. Whether you’re
monitoring for sales or email sign-ups this is a must!

2. Buffer
Manager multiple social media platforms with Buffer. Easily schedule posts, analyze
performance, and manage your accounts in one place. Plus, they have a free plan – you can’t
beat that price!

3. Bitly
Long links aren’t visually appealing nor is all that text essential with Bitly. Shorten all of your
long links using this free tool.

4. Buzzsumo
Get inspired with the help of Buzzsumo. This tool helps monitor and analyze what type of
content is performing well against the competition.

5. Google Adwords
Ensuring that you’re writing the right content at the right time can sometimes be difficult.
Utilizing Google Adwords Keyword Monitoring lets you see how many people are searching a
topic and when the topic is trending.

As a marketer what digital marketing tools are you using? Reach out to us if we can help!