Two Mistakes Brands Are Making in their Video Marketing Strategy

In 2019, we can all agree on one thing: video marketing is super important. According to a
Hubspot Report, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands. Furthermore,
video helps improve your reach on social media channels in addition to emails. By having the
word “video” in your subject line, you’re increasing the chance of opens by 19%.
Video is critical to include in your marketing strategy, but it’s also important to avoid these two
common mistakes in videos.

Focusing too much on telling a good story
Obviously, the story you’re telling on video is very important. However, sometimes focusing too
much on telling an entertaining story can actually take away from the brand. It’s essential to
make sure that you’re capturing the audience’s attention, but also keeping the brand front and
center. What’s the point of creating a video, if nobody remembers what it was for?

Not making it easy for a user to take action
One of the greatest things about online marketing is how easy it is for a brand to transition from
awareness to conversion. But in order to do that successfully, you need to make it super easy
for the consumer. Make sure to include clear CTAs at the end of your video. Additionally, make
sure all proper Google Analytics tracking and Facebook pixel tracking is in place so it’s easy to
retarget or properly attribute conversions.

If you have questions about your video marketing strategy or if you’re looking to expand into
video (we would recommend), we’d love to hear from you.